Jeep safari to Troodos


ROUTE: Asprokremmos Dum (firewall) - Winery - Bridges Venetian - Milikouri (Village) - Monastery of Kykkos - Olympos (Highest Mountain Peak) - Pedoulas (Lunch) - Waterfalls - Omodos - Rock Of Afrodite

WHAT TO TAKE: Comfortable shoes, warm clothing (especially in winter time), plenty of drinking water

Jeeps take you directly from the hotel in the early hours between 8.30 - 8.45am.

Asprokremos Dam

Our trek into the mountains start from the first attraction located about 15 km from Paphos - The Asprokremmos Dam. It is the second largest dam in Cyprus. These walls stop water flowing from the mountains to accumulate it in huge tanks for later to be used in the summer.

INTERESTING FACT: In Cyprus even up-to 9 months, not a single drop of rain won't fall from the sky. Country stays dry for most of the time (with the exclusion of mountain areas).


Travelling further upwards we arrive to the picturesque wineries located in the small mountain village. Here we have about 30min of free time and in here you will have a chance to try and buy localy produced wine.

Venetian Bridges

After a short stop we begin our treck deep into the forests by following small forest paths to then after about 30min get to the venetian bridges. These bridges were built in the medieval times using only stone and those bridges were used for the transportations of timber and other raw materials across no longer existing rivers. In the mountains of Troodos due to the greater amount of rainfall, higher up we travel into the mountains more we find plant vegetation - it's a kingdom of Pine and Cedar forests.


After traveling about 25 km from the Venetian bridges we reach the mountain village of Milikouri. The picturesque landscape here dispay small houses rooted on the steep mountain slopes. After a short break for photographs our expedition will continue as we will bevery close to the Kykkos Monastery.

Monastery Kykkos

Travelling further through the scenic mountains and forests our trip arrives at the most beautiful, famous and richest monastery of Kykkos.

NOTE: The Monastery has a dress code (if necessary we can obtain free cassock to cover exposed body).

The monastery was founded in the 11th century and according to the legend the first monk who ever lived in here was a hermit Isaiah. That was him who had a vision of the Holy Mother who asked him to bring an Icon of Virgin Mary painted by St. Luke in the 40 AD to this monastery. This icon brought from Byzantium, Manuel Voutomites who was byzantium governor of Cyprus. It was placed in a chapel with rich decorations where nearly 3 tons of gold been use by artists. Mary's face is covered with decorated ornamented robe, because whoever looks into her eyes lose its sight. The only exception when this icon is exposed to the eyes to heaven are times of war, drought, disease or during prayers for rain.

NOTE: The is full prohibition of photographing inside the chapel.

Within the monastery there is a small museum with collected monuments of Orthodox art: icons, frescoes, wood carvings, manuscripts and books. Down in the treasury we can fine wide collections of valuables items like: relics of saints covered in gold frames.

NOTE: In the Monastery you have about 40 minutes of free time for the independent sightseeing. In a local shop you can buy souvenirs, such as religious icons, prayer books, holy water and oils .

Pedoulas – Lunch

After visiting the monastery we will go for lunch in the beautiful mountain village of Pedoulas located along the way to our next atraction. Served in a local tavern lunch (costs around 12 euros per person) is served as a buffet. Here you can taste a traditional cypriot delicacies such as Kleftiko (lamb baked in a traditional clay oven), Szeftalia (a type of meat chops), Mousaka (casserole eggplant, potatoe pasta and meat spiced with mint), and finally taste the traditional dessert - Baclava. All of this is served with red or white wine (without limitation).

Olympus - The highest peak of Cyprus

Climbing higher and higher along mountain roads we enter the highest peak of Cyprus - Olympus - which rises up to 2,000 meters above sea level. At the top of the mountain there is a military base located there radars are coverd by special protection discs.

Interesting fact: It should be noted that at the bottom Olimpus there are 3 ski lifts, which in the period from December to March gives you a wonderful opportunities to ski and to practice this sport. From the Mountain peak just only a few dozen kilometers away you can lie on the beach and enjoy the sun and that's why Cyprus creates an incredible holiday opportunities throughout the whole year.


Now we begin journey down the road turning to the village of Foini - famous for its pottery and beautiful mountain waterfall. After a short break for photography we will travel in the direction of the Omodos.


Picturesque village located in the region of Commandaria. It is known on the island for centuries home-made wine from grapes growing in this region. The village is also famous from hand-made lace embroidered by local women.

NOTE: Harvested grapes after harvest are drying in the sun to obtain amazing aroma and taste to later reflect their rich taste in each bottle of wine.

At the local market, in addition to wine tasting you will be able to try local vodka: Zivania. Here you can buy many other local delicacies obtained from grapes, nuts,olive and carob syrup.

The village is also famous for the monastery of St. Cross where you can see relicts of the Holy Cross framed in gold decorations.

Aphrodite's Rock - Pert Tou Romiu

Local legend says that precisely in here Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty has emerged from the sea-foam on to shores of Cyprus. That's why Cyprus is known as the island of love.

Legend says that whoever circumnavigates around the Rock of Aphrodite three times during the full moon will be forever young and beautiful.